Brandon Rosen is an emerging NYC-based recording artist crafting synth and piano driven “rose pop” music. Self defined, “rose pop” encapsulates a sultry yet intimate vibe, combining love and lust. The singer- songwriter is preparing to release his highly anticipated debut EP, “Do You Ever Wonder?” in early 2020, co- produced with up and coming pop-electronic producer, Ishan. 

Brandon Rosen

There’s something about a blue rose that has always felt special to me. A rose itself carries its own story, one that means something different to everybody, but carries a universal beauty. A blue rose, however, carries that same beauty but is out of the ordinary. It has a mind of its own that stands out from the every day. I like to think of myself in the same way and wanted the cover for my first single to reflect that. Satisfied, is officially out now.


(also my last name is Rosen lol)